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Being in touch with modern retailing and company’s brand requirements, we offer a wide variety of packaging solutions. Working closely with our clients to meet their requirements. Bespoke presentation boxes, which vary in style, for single decks, twin packs and gift sets. There is an extensive range of colours and textures to choose from. The boxes can be foil blocked, French finished or full colour printed. The boxes can also be cello-wrapped, retail ready. Minimum requirement just 100 boxes.Tuck boxes (a full colour cardboard box sleeve if desired). These can be customised to match the decks inside.Tins that can be fully customised. Minimum requirement is currently 3000. We can flow-wrap in foil or transparent wrap. This tends to be used when there is a smaller quantity of cards per deck (for example a set of 12 collectors cards). Cello-wrapped decks only or decks packaged in transparent colourless styrene boxes. Ideal for bridge clubs.

Draw string pouches, which again can be customised. Ideal for fashion houses who have a range of new fabrics to promote. Counter Display Units for shops which can be branded for retailers, or cards with complete with hanging pads and attached to hanging clip strips. At Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies we understand what our our clients require and expect so different packaging for the same design of cards is not an issue. This enables retailers or companies to achieve a range of products and have different price breaks with the same products. You can have some decks packaged in tuck boxes, some in presentation boxes and some in gift sets for example.

Being in touch with modern retailing and company's brand requirements, we offer a wide variety of packaging solutions.