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In our experience these cards can vary greatly in the number and size that are produced depending on the client’s requirement. We recommend 275gsm unlined board. Mainly there are two categories, one designed as a way in which to make learning fun, such as maths for children using vegetables for example rather than numbers with the answer on the card reverse written in numerals.

The cards can form part of a game or are just visual to help children learn about animals for example the card game snap. (See the picture below).

The second category are aimed at educating people in a fun way on such topics as mathematics, the highway code or simply act as a reference pack like pictures of various wild flowers. They are highly visual and colourful with the purpose of making learning fun.

Currently the minimum quantity for a litho print run is 500 decks or 27,500 educational cards.

Educational playing cards for adults and children alike. Be it teaching maths or the highway code, the possibilities are endless.